One-to-One Questions

The work of starting churches leans on the work of community organizing. Like organizers, church planters often use “one-to-ones” to build relationships and discover strengths and needs in a neighborhood or community.

Below is a crowd-sourced list of questions my peers and I have found helpful to have on hand during a one-to-one meeting.

To learn more about one-to-ones, the Franciscan Action Network offers a comprehensive overview.


What is saving your life right now?

What is sparking joy for you these days?

What makes you feel alive? What creates meaning and purpose in your life?

What do you long for? For yourself, your neighbors, the world?


What are the pressures on you and your loved ones/in this community?

What are the greatest struggles for your community?

What is draining you?

When you look at our city/neighborhood, what breaks your heart?

What keeps you up at night?


What do you believe about life, the universe, and everything?

When you have to make a decision, what values do you think about?

When do you feel connected to something bigger than yourself?

What sorts of ways have you found to connect to that presence more deeply/

What puts you on your knees in awe?


Tell me about the proudest moment in your life

Tell me about someone you know personally who changed your life for the better

Tell me about how it felt to grow up in this community/move to this community

Tell me about your hopes for you children/the children of this community

What are some things you’d like to learn?


What do you know well enough to teach?

What special contributions do you bring to this community?

What do you wish you could share more of?


Where do you go for community and connection around the things that matter?

What is your vision for this community we share?

What do you imagine God’s vision is for this community we share?

If you could change one thing about this community to make life better for everyone, what would it be?

What would be missed most if it disappeared from this community?

I’m new here. I have a ton of biases. What have I missed? What am I not seeing?

Who are your people? -Ella Baker

Who gives you courage? Who are the heroes in this community?

Who’s hurting most in this community?

What is your community’s greatest asset?

What do you value most about your neighborhood?

Follow Up Question

Why do you think that is?