The Book!


For All Who Hunger

Searching for Communion In a Shattered World

Coming May 2020 from Penguin Random House

Emily is thrilled to announce that her spiritual memoir will be on shelves in Spring 2020. Currently, she’s hammering away at edits, with her final manuscript due in August!

For All Who Hunger: Searching for Communion is a Shattered World is a story about a young woman starting up a Dinner Church in Brooklyn. It’s also a book about searching for love in the city of loneliness, searching for connecting in a world that’s fragmented, and searching for God amid doubt and disaster. It moves from St. Lydia’s beginning as a scrappy church around tables in a borrowed space to the crisis of Hurricane Sandy, and Emily’s yearning to build connections that might cross the divides of class, wealth and race. Changed by the relationships she forms, Emily becomes a seeker of justice, working alongside her neighbors to make a world that’s a little more whole.

If you’re hungry for God, hungry for connection, or hungry for justice, this book invites you to pull up a seat at the table, and stay for dinner.